Jim and Shelly Hood


Sound! That is exactly how I would describe every aspect of the work and relationship with Kyle O’Neal and his staff at Sound Construction. When choosing a builder for our custom home in Brigands Bay, we did not take the process lightly. We narrowed our choices of builders down to 3 based on referrals and locality and interviewed each, contacted 3 to 5 references, requested a bid based on architectural drawings, and saw 3 of their projects consisting of construction that was: new; built within the last 10 years; and older than 15 years, to determine quality and craftsmanship. Although the other contractors had positive attributes, Kyle O’Neal stood out above the rest due to his strong reputation, the responsiveness of he and his office staff, the quality and durability of his construction and his straight forwardness. The decision to go with Kyle was reaffirmed when we started to deal regularly with his group. This being the only home we have built, the process was made less confusing through regular contact with Annette, Whitney and Mary, the true muscle behind the business. Sound Construction is the only on-island builder who has enough staff to address questions and concerns for both owner and tradesman, quickly visit the construction site to review something and provide frequent photos (sometimes daily!) of construction progress (these are so exciting to receive!). In considering a builder the availability of staff was not something we initially considered but having had access to it, we recognize and appreciate the value; anything less would have been frustrating. In addition to being available, they were always pleasant and very accommodating. As the homeowner, you want to be able to easily reach out to someone when needed (and you will reach out a lot during construction) and without a staff, the process of waiting would be aggravating. This perk was a huge value added to us and is unique to the area.

Kyle is also greatly respected in the Hatteras Island community and therefore has the ability to get things done. His tradesman work a hard, honest days work which was witnessed by renters of homes in the neighborhood that approached us to express how impressed they were with the house and the builder. I had one guy who owned a construction company in NY tell us the crew worked hard and put in a full-days work, which he stated, “is not the norm in construction when a supervisor is not around”. In addition to being a darn good builder, Kyle also incorporates finesse into his work. One example was on a balcony we added off the tower room, where instead of just putting beams to support its weight he fashioned it as a ships wheel, which added some panache to an otherwise normal structure.

Our home was completed in late November of 2010, according to the contract schedule (it actually would have been finished early had we not decided to change/add certain aspects!) and we are absolutely thrilled with its look and quality. Every aspect of it is well built and sturdy, almost as if ready to defy Mother Nature saying, “bring it on!” I am often asked when we are in the area, “are you the ones that own the really nice cottage in Brigands Bay built by Kyle?” With a proud “yes” we reply to which the follow-up response is “he’s a good builder.” This, we know!

Jim & Shelly Hood
Fairfax Station, VA

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Thank you to all of you for a FANTASTIC house. We couldn't be happier. Everything looks amazing and we are so looking forward to spending time on the island and enjoying our new home. The whole process was easy and seamless.

Edwin and Meredith Gilley
Williamsburg VA