Lenny and Nancy Black


How lucky we were to have had Kyle O'Neal recommended to us as a builder. Kyle is without a doubt, the best builder we have ever worked with. His attention to detail is extraordinary, his workmanship superb, and his integrity, reliability, and commitment are beyond compare. He has built us an absolutely beautiful home that has been constructed to withstand nature's fury, doing so ahead of schedule and with no corners cut.

Living in Maryland made it necessary to "build" through email and phone conversations. We could not have done it without Annette and Mary. They were always available to answer our endless questions and requests. Their support, assurance, guidance, and expert advice was always welcomed. They kept us up to date with progress reports and numerous pictures that were greatly appreciated.

The trust Kyle fostered with us, proven by his drive to involve himself personally in every step of the construction, his honesty, and his consistently great recommendations were a major source of relief. Perhaps the little things, such as Kyle never failing to return Lenny's phone calls, were the most impressive, especially in a business climate where customer service has largely gone out the window. Building a home from over 300 miles away was a daunting and terrifying prospect, but these fears were quickly allayed by the professionalism and personable nature of Kyle and his staff.

We were extremely fortunate to meet many of Kyle and Annette's subcontractors during our infrequent weekend visits. We have great admiration and respect for their outstanding workmanship. We very much enjoyed speaking with each of them and only regret that we were unable to personally thank everyone who contributed to the building and care of our Island home. This is just another of Kyle's attributes: employing the very best.

Lenny and I are so proud to be among the Hatteras Island homeowners to have had a home built by Kyle and his fantastic staff. Words can never express our gratitude for making our dream come true. We are in awe of the work Kyle performs and the pride that he takes in his profession. Many thanks.

Lenny and Nancy Black
Clarksville, MD

Clients are talking

I have been visiting the Outer Banks since I was a child and have stayed in many rental houses. The house that Kyle built for me is a one-of-a-kind home. The quality of the craftsmanship is remarkable and with each trip there I see something new that impresses me. Because of Kyle's quality work, I am confident that this house will be in fantastic shape 30 years from now when I retire in Avon.

Kori Brewer
Greenville, NC