Vincent and Laura Brennan


We do not know how to thank you enough for the masterpiece of a house that you created out of our building plans. We never expected that what were just drawings on paper to us could result in such a beautiful home.

Many of our family and friends thought we were a little crazy to undertake such a project being so far from North Carolina and to put all of our faith into one builder, but the final result speaks for itself. It is our firm belief that only one builder could have taken on such a task, including those steel beams. Your subcontractors were professional and the best in their field, and were well chosen by you. We could not be happier with your recommendations for the cabinetry, appliances and flooring. We have had many compliments on the kitchen and the trim work. A special thank you to Kit for all of his hard work.

We would like to extend a thank you to Johnny Willis of Willis Plumbing for accommodating our wish to select and ship all of our faucets from out of state, and also for a job well done.

Many thanks to Michelle and Mary at your office for always being available to answer our many questions and to assist when needed. It is always important to be able to communicate directly with a person, and not with a machine, which is so prevalent in today's society. On those rare occasions when a message had to be left, it was always promptly responded to.

We also wish to express our thanks to Larry, who was always available to us an who does the work of five people. He must be exhausted now that our house is finished.

Given all of the details that went into the construction of our home, we were amazed that the house was completed on time, with no delays. We would like to thank Annette for keeping us up-to-date on the construction progress by sending us so many pictures via e-mail. The frequent pictures she sent us kept us at ease and were extremely important to us, as they made us feel that we were on-site, even though in reality we were several states away.

Most importantly, we are left with the impression that this is not just a job to you, that you took on this project as if you were building your own home and your "hands on" approach alleviated any concerns that we ever had about building a house on the Atlantic Coast and being out of state.

You are more than welcome to use pictures of our house in your advertising. We are so proud of the home that you have built for us; clearly, the best home on the Outer Banks built by the best builder on the Outer Banks (probably in all of North Carolina)!

Vincent and Laura Brennan
Rockaway Township, NJ

Clients are talking

You were someone we could trust. We could trust both your honesty and your judgment in all those little decisions that came up along the way. You had a great sense for what was important to both of us and for the rental market. We saw quality work throughout every phase of the construction of our home, and we felt we really got our money's worth.

Wes and Christine Hutchinson
Wallingford, PA