Kori Brewer


In April of 2004, I was ready to begin the process of building a family vacation home in Avon, NC. On the recommendation of a friend, I contacted Kyle O'Neal of Sound Construction to discuss my ideas and plans for the house. Kyle met me at the site, looked at some hand-drawn plans, asked a few questions about the materials I wanted, and was able to give a good estimate of what the construction would cost on the spot. After talking with 2 other contractors, it was clear that Kyle had the expertise and understanding that the others did not.

I feel like this was a particularly difficult job for anyone. This was truly a custom house with an original design developed by a family member, not one from a book of house plans. In addition, many of the building codes were under revision at the time, and the cost of construction supplies was increasing rapidly. Despite these challenges, Sound Construction stuck to the budget that we had agreed upon while accommodating last minute changes in materials or design features that I requested. They reliably communicated any changes that needed to be made or things that were likely to affect the cost and always respected my decisions on how to handle these things. In fewer than 10 months, the house was complete and the final product was impeccable.

I have been visiting the Outer Banks since I was a child and have stayed in many rental houses. The house that Kyle built for me is a one-of-a-kind home. The quality of the craftsmanship is remarkable and with each trip there I see something new that impresses me. Because of Kyle's quality work, I am confident that this house will be in fantastic shape 30 years from now when I retire in Avon.

Kori Brewer
Greenville, NC

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Sound! That is exactly how I would describe every aspect of the work and relationship with Kyle O’Neal and his staff at Sound Construction.

Jim & Shelly Hood
Fairfax Station, VA